US Cover Reveal : The Red Scholar’s Wake by Aliette de Bodard

I've actually never done a cover reveal post on my blog in all these years but when I got an opportunity for revealing the cover of THE RED SCHOLAR'S WAKE, US edition, I knew I had to do it because Aliette is one of my all time favorite authors and I've been eagerly awaiting the... Continue Reading →

Exciting October 2022 Releases

I thought I had an exciting August reading month, but September was mostly slumpy, so I'm gonna try and cheer myself up by looking at these exciting and beautiful October releases. Oct 4, 2022 Award-winning author Malinda Lo returns to the Bay Area with another masterful coming-of-queer-age story, this time set against the backdrop of... Continue Reading →

ARC Review – Profiles in Ignorance: How America’s Politicians Got Dumb and Dumber by Andy Borowitz

Andy Borowitz, “one of the funniest people in America” (CBS Sunday Morning), brilliantly examines the intellectual deterioration of American politics, from Ronald Reagan to Dan Quayle, from George W. Bush to Sarah Palin, to its apotheosis in Donald J. Trump.The winner of the first-ever National Press Club award for humor, Andy Borowitz has been called a... Continue Reading →

Audiobook Review: Portrait of a Thief by Grace D. Li

Ocean’s Eleven meets The Farewell in Portrait of a Thief, a lush, lyrical heist novel inspired by the true story of Chinese art vanishing from Western museums; about diaspora, the colonization of art, and the complexity of the Chinese American identity.History is told by the conquerors. Across the Western world, museums display the spoils of war, of conquest, of... Continue Reading →

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