Fantastic Fantasy Five: 5 Star Favs since the last Wyrd & Wonder

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I may not have planned it that way but I have been posting fantasy related posts from the beginning of this month for #WyrdAndWonder and because I missed it today at my usual time due to a blog tour commitment, I am here with this favorites post.

I wasn’t able to post for the prompt Top Five Fantasies Since Last Wyrd & Wonder last Sunday, so I have decided to combine that with today’s daily prompt 5 star fantasy reads and talk about five of my most favorite fantasy books in the past year.

Who would have thought I would pick up a book which features a pandemic… I truly didn’t. But then I saw some early reviews and I really wanted to give Year of the Reaper a try. And it was interesting to read about a world where a plague like pandemic has happened for a few years and we have to navigate the aftermath. I also rarely read YA fantasy books which have a sole male POV, so that was another thing I wanted to try. And it turned out to be such an amazing standalone novel. Our protagonist Cas has been in prison for years and never thought he would get the chance to see his family again, and we get to follow his journey back home as he sees how the plague has ravaged the lands and understand what is going through his head. He is not the same carefree young man anymore but he has abundant love for his brother and his people, and I just fell completely in love with him. He is compassionate and just overall very nice, and when trouble comes, he is dutiful and persistent in trying to find out the truth. If you wanna read a YA book with a very good protagonist, some dark times but ultimately full of hope and resilience, you should definitely check this out.

The Councillor was not even on my radar and one day, I saw my favorite author Tasha Suri doing a live tweet thread gushing about this book and the characters. As you all know how moody I am, I was instantly enamored and had to get the book in my hands. And once I started reading, I couldn’t put the book down. Firstly, the prose was absolutely gorgeous, lyrical like poetry and I kept rereading lines because it was so beautiful. Then we had our main character Lysande who is a scholar and when she is made responsible for choosing the next monarch, I really admired how analytical she is about it and thinks through all sides before making a decision. But the other thing I enjoyed was getting to know her story – her evolution from an orphan to the Queen’s most trusted aide and friend, and finally getting the opportunity to make changes in people’s lives on a very societal level. Her handling of this new found power and how that changes her a person is very impressively written and I am very excited to see how her story proceeds further.

Greek mythology retellings are being written with such frequency that I can always find something new to read every few weeks, but not every one of them leaves a deep impression on me. But A Thousand Ships was one such book which stayed with me long after I finished reading it. The writing in this was kind of like the opposite of The Councillor – it’s very blunt and in your face with it’s emotions but it suits the narrative very well. I didn’t even count but the sheer number of POVs in this book because it can get overwhelming, but the way the author seamlessly navigates all the women – Greek, Trojan, Goddesses, Nymphs and more – it’s a masterclass in storytelling. And the defiant tone of the book hits at our heart because many of the women here are ones who can’t really change what’s happening but know their lives are gonna get worse, but still try to comfort the ones close to them. And the author’s spectacular narration makes this a very memorable read.

Dracula as a story has never interested me and I didn’t even know there was a book called Dracula’s Wives. Combine that with this kind of scary cover, I just felt like A Dowry of Blood would not be the kind of book I will love. Almost an year after it’s release, I read a few reviews of it which made me wonder if I should give it a try and wow what an experience this was. Firstly, it’s been a while since I’ve read a full book in the second person, so that was a shock to the system as soon as I started reading this. This is another book where the author’s being a poet makes the prose stunning and evocative and I was compelled to feel everything that Constanta was. There are some dangerous relationships in here, and some very beautiful ones borne out of that danger and they are all wonder to read. It’s a story about love in all it’s toxic glory and power and agency and it’s such a memorable story that I hope everyone will get to read now it’s getting traditionally published.

And in a marked change from all the above books, Legends and Lattes is a true blue delight that is a recipe to cure any reading slump or just the right book if you are feeling sad. Viv is a retired warrior who is ready to settle down and her new ambition is to open a coffee shop. This might feel like such a simple premise and it is, but this is also a story that is full of heart and it will fill you up with warmth. Viv is helped in her new venture by Tandri who is better at marketing, Cal who first believes in her vision and helps her build her shop, and finally Thimble, who is the baker from heaven who needs to be protected at all costs. The descriptions in the book are gorgeous, and every mention of coffee or cinnamon roll is mouth watering, so please don’t read it when you are hungry. But do read this book because I promise it will cheer you up.

I know these are just five and I have many more fantasies which I loved in the past year, but then this post would just keep going on and on, so let me stop here. Did you like getting to know what I felt about these book? Have you read them and did you feel the same or different? Do share your thoughts in the comments below… And if you have your Wyrd and Wonder post for this prompt, do let me know so I can check it out..

5 thoughts on “Fantastic Fantasy Five: 5 Star Favs since the last Wyrd & Wonder

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    1. Ohh you totally should check it out… it’s so full of goodness and optimism.. definitely great if you need a break from intense stuff in books or irl..

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    1. Dowry of Blood is really cool.. and you should try the audiobook if you can. It gives all the feels…
      I’ve given up hope you’ll get to The Councillor 😉😉😉

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