Book Tag: The Last Fantasy Book I’ve…. #WyrdAndWonder

I’ve been checking out all my lovely bloggers’ posts to find the next tag to do for Wyrd and Wonder and when I saw this fun and easy tag being done by Blair @ Feed the Crime, I thought it will be fun to make it into a fantasy specific one. So without further delay, let me get started…

Last Fantasy Book(s) I Bought:

This is technically my last pre-order but I just had to mention it because it’s by an Indian author and is a dark fantasy inspired by the Mahabharata. I’m absolutely delighted by it’s premise and can’t wait for it’s release in a couple of months.

Last Fantasy Book I Borrowed:

I just happened upon a recommendation of this book a couple of weeks ago on twitter and though I had never heard of it before, I impulsively borrowed it from my library. Haven’t started it yet but hopefully soon.

Last Fantasy Book(s) I Was Gifted:

My friends don’t know what kind of books to gift me and my family thinks my reading is my biggest negative habit, so I am not getting bookish gifts from anyone, even though I keep dreaming about it.

Last Fantasy Book I Gave Someone Else:

Tbh, I don’t remember but as I have only one cousin in my entire family who loves reading SFF as much as I do, I did give him some books from my collection.

Last Fantasy Book I Started:

I started listening to this recently but fell asleep pretty quickly and haven’t picked it back up yet. However, it is on my TBR for this month, so I’ll continue it soon.

Last Fantasy Book I Finished:

I just finished this yesterday night and was blown away by how amazing and unique and memorable it was. Cemented the idea in my head that I should read all books by the author.

Last Fantasy Book I Rated 5 Stars:

Actually, Nettle and Bone is my last 5 star but I don’t wanna repeat myself, so the one before it was The Stardust Thief, which was another one that had me hooked from beginning to end and I adored the story within a story narrative very much.

Last Fantasy Book I Rated 2 Stars:

Forget fantasy, I can’t remember the last book I gave a 2 star to. I think if I feel like the book is going in that direction, I DNF it and don’t bother with giving it a rating.

Last Fantasy Book I DNF’d:

This is my only DNF of 2022 and it made me very sad because I was majorly looking forward to it. And the only reason I couldn’t continue was because it had some very heavy suicide ideation right in the first chapter and because I had seen no content warnings, I wasn’t prepared for that. Even though I tried to keep reading it, my head just wasn’t in it anymore.

Last Fantasy Book I Listened To:

I listen to so so many audiobooks but apparently I haven’t finished a fantasy one in quite a while which was surprising to me. The last one was Master Artificer which was one I was a bit ambivalent about. It had a lot of very extensive world building which I enjoyed but the main plot is the descent into darkness of the main character, and I guess I didn’t realize this series was taking a grimdark turn. It’s not my thing and I still haven’t decided if I wanna continue the series. But I can’t deny that the writing is very engaging.

And that’s my short and sweet tag for this week for Wyrd and Wonder. I hope you enjoyed reading it and will checkout more of my posts. If you do decide to do the tag, please link back to me so that I can see all your exciting answers. Do feel free to share any of your thoughts in the comment box below…

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