Contradictions Book Tag: Fantasy Edition for #WyrdAndWonder

This month has not been good in terms of either reading or blogging but I’ve been trying to get back to it slowly. That’s why I thought doing another tag would be fun for me too and I won’t have to think too much like for writing a review. I had bookmarked this very fun tag done by Becky @ Becky’s Book Blog a while ago, and I had such a great time adapting it to be a fantasy version, right in time for Wyrd And Wonder. This tag was originally created by Daniela at Only If For a Page, on BookTube. And now it’s time for me to get started…

I love this genre but I didn’t like this book

I had to go quite a while back to find a book which I didn’t like in the fantasy genre because these days, when I don’t like something, I DNF it pretty much within the first few chapters. But in the initial days of blogging, I did try to finish books, especially the popular ones everyone was talking about and Red Queen series was one of those during the times. While I thought the first book Red Queen was decent enough if a bit predictable and basic, I did not much like the rest of the series and I still don’t know how I managed to finish the quartet as well as read the short stories.

I rarely read this genre but I loved this book

Now because I am doing a fantasy edition of this tag, the genre itself doesn’t work for this question. But if I go for specifics, then horror fantasy or fantasy with more horror elements are the ones I very rarely read. But Ring Shout is a book which blends its horror elements with the theme of white supremacy and gives us a memorable tale of a group of Black people fighting hard to eradicate evil in their community. I don’t know if I will read more horror fantasy books but maybe I will think of it if Clark writes another one.

I love this trope but I didn’t like this book

Friends to Lovers is my top favorite trope and I really love the comfort and yearning that can be present in such stories, when written well. I’m not saying I hated So This is Ever After, but this book just didn’t give me the feels I was expecting from the trope. The main character and his love interest are childhood best friends (which is something I adore) and we do get yearning, but there’s just so much non communication between them that I was unimpressed. Also, it didn’t help that we get only one POV and it wasn’t easy to figure out from between the lines whether the best friend loved our main character. Overall, the book was quite funny and does a good subversion of other fantasy tropes, but it just wasn’t what I wanted from a friends to lovers romance.

I hate this trope but I loved this book

While there are many flavors of this trope, many authors and publishers like promoting books as enemies to lovers even if the trope isn’t as prominent or not done well. I probably like the rivals to lovers version of this trope rather than the outright hate to love version, but in general, this is not a trope that will singularly attract me to pick up the book. Then I read something like the Dominion of the Fallen trilogy and get to see the relationship development between Asmodeous and Thuan who are from enemy houses, have very contradicting personalities as well as quite different motivations, but then the author does a masterful job in convincing us that they are perfect together; and I realize I can’t hate a trope when I can still find gems like this.

I love this author but I didn’t like this book

Yes, I’ve only read three books by the author and two of them were novellas but when I read those two, I was so so impressed that Nghi Vo had quickly become one of my highly regarded authors. But then I picked up The Chosen and the Beautiful and it wasn’t the same. The writing felt boring, I didn’t really like the characters much, the magic wasn’t that prominent, and I guess a Gatsby retelling just isn’t my thing. Which is why I didn’t feel like reading Siren Queen either. But I am very excited for Into the Riverlands and have high expectations from it.

I previously disliked a book by this author but I loved this book

This is kind of like a full circle because when I started A Court of Thorns and Roses, as well as Throne of Glass, I thought the first books were just okay, not too interesting or memorable, and I only continued with the series because of their popularity. But in both cases, I absolutely adored the middle books – A Court of Mist and Fury and Queen of Shadows. But now that the author has moved onto spin offs of ACOTAR and a new adult fantasy series, I don’t seem to like the writing anymore. A Court of Silver Flames was a disappointment and I have completely lost interest in continuing Crescent City.

I love this cover but I didn’t like this book

I apparently have a quite a few of these because I tend to gravitate towards gorgeous colorful covers but they don’t always live up to my expectations. I adored the cover of Vengeful because red and black is my favorite color combination and I thought it would be great after how much I enjoyed Vicious, but it turned out to be a pretty unnecessary sequel which didn’t do anything for me. Furyborn was another one which instantly impressed me with the beautiful cover and the writing might have been okay, but I didn’t like the characters much which kinda ruined my experience of the book – that’s probably the reason I didn’t continue with the trilogy despite loving the sequel covers as well. The most recent one I had similar feelings about was The Midnight Bargain where I completely fell in love with the cover and had high expectations for the book, but it turned out to be just okay and nothing special or memorable.

I don’t like this cover but I loved this book

It’s been a long while since I read The Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy and the first book was above average, but it had an enticing ending which made me wanna continue the series, and I ended up adoring the The Crown of Embers and The Bitter Kingdom. It has great characters and a very impressive romance, and I’m glad it got a cover change last year (and I immediately updated them in my older reviews), but the above were the covers when I read it and they are hardly something that’ll make you grativate towards the series.

What did you think of my answers? Do you agree or not? I am very excited to chat in the comments below about all our agreements and disagreements. And if you wanna try out this tag, please do and link back to me so that I can see all your fun answers…!!!!

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  1. Love this! I also love Ring Shout, even though I tend to stay away from horror myself, and totally agree about The Girl of Fire and Thorns, the books are SO good, but I’m not really a fan of the covers 😀

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    1. Haha I’m glad we agree on those bad covers lol 😂 They don’t match the books at all… And Ring Shout is definitely such a special book … I’m really not sure I wanna read horror again though ..

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