The Week Gone By – 6/13/22

Hello everyone…!!!! How are you all doing??? I thought I would be in preparation for my travel but have spent most of this past week in the dental clinic getting lots of procedures done, and living in that discomfort. This means I didn’t get to read much because I just haven’t been in the mood. But let me give you some of my updates of the past week…

I really did miss not having an audiobook for this one but I was also very glad for finally getting to the conclusion of the Legend of the Condor Heroes. This was definitely a lot more action packed and enjoyable than I found the third book and I read it pretty quickly. However, I did find that I enjoyed the action sequences and the descriptions of the various martial arts moves on audio more than reading. Coming to the plot and characters, I guess there were points which weren’t as satisfactory as I hoped they would be, especially the character arcs of Yang Kang or Mercy Mu. I grew to like Guo Jing a lot more in this book – seeing him fight so much for his love even if he can’t articulate it in words, never lose his devotion for Lotus despite challenging circumstances , trying to find a path and purpose in his life which would be more than just killing people using his superior martial arts skills – it was all very heartening to read and I felt happy that I followed him on this journey throughout. I still have conflicting feelings about Lotus and I can only say that she’ll always keep Guo Jing on his toes. I have truly come to appreciate how seamlessly the author integrates historical figures into this action and adventure story and all scenes with Genghis Khan in this book were quite impactful. I guess I was expecting more explosive scenes towards the end and because it didn’t feel that way despite some cool fight scenes, I’m not feeling that high which comes with the end of a beloved series. But I’m still very glad to have gotten to know these characters and this world. 

The writing was so so easy to get captivated by and once I started, I got lost in it. The banter is first class and there’s just so much casual humor in every conversation that you’ll have a smile on your face for a good part of the book. But the book is also quite serious in parts, especially regarding the handling of grief, how that pain of losing a parent never goes away and how it can manifest as panic/anxiety at the idea of losing other family members. The idea of belonging, not being able to feel like home where we are supposed to, finding the place where we feel like we can be our true selves – all these themes are explored and while I’ve not had any American small town experience, I could relate to it a lot because I’m a city girl through and through as well. And frankly, I’m glad the author subverted the usual tropes of small town romance because it’s not my favorite sub genre. The pacing is pretty fast too, because most of the book takes place in just a month and while a romance in that short of a time can feel like instalove, the author does a great job convincing us of the connection between the two main characters.

I don’t even know why I decided to pick up this novella. I think it was the premise of the UBI which is a topic I have been wanting to know about for while. Though after reading this book, I think my idea of the UBI was way more idealistic and not practical. This story has four POVs – four women who are in very different circumstances and through their experiences, the author tries to throw light on how having the option of UBI will affect people based on their situations. It was especially illuminating to see how victims of domestic violence or those stuck in cults would feel having their own money, but at the same how the perpetrators might use this as another way to make use of the victims. I liked the two POVs representing women in these situations. The other two POVs I wasn’t a huge fan of but one of them did offer up various views about UBI from lots of people. I know I’m being very vague in my review and can’t even articulate what I probably felt reading this book. I will say that if you are looking for a character focused story, you will get it but it may not be fully satisfactory. But if you are okay with a story that explores the pros and cons of UBI through the eyes of many characters, then you should find this fascinating.

I’ve just started watching A Dream of Splendor and have started loving it in just a few episodes. It’s a very good reflection of the female gaze because both the director and scriptwriter are women and there’s a lovely focus on female friendships in this drama. But I have to say that the very subtle chemistry between the two leads is amazing and the budding romance feels lovely. And the overall look of the show is very beautiful too. I can’t wait to see more episodes.

New Covers

None of these three books are on my TBR but I am definitely impressed by these covers. Especially The Love Match looks lovely with it’s desi aesthetics.

Dessertathon and Marvel-A-Thon Updates

Another week of participating in these two lovely readathons and I finished three more books. I was definitely hoping I will read more but I just wasn’t feeling it. But I am glad I managed to accumulate some more points for my teams.

Posts from around the Blogverse

I am sharing some more amazing PRIDE related posts from all lovely bloggers posted this past week….

Peyton @ Word WIlderness10 Trans and Non-Binary Romance Novels || Gauri @ A Book and ChaiSpotlight: Queer Asian book releases of 2022 || Sabrina and Vera @ Wordy and WhimsicalA Rainbow List of LGBT+ Book Recommendations for Pride || Mehek @ The Critiques of a FangirlMy 7 Favorite Queer Books of all time // Book Recommendations || Kalanit Liat @ Literary Lady ReviewsPoolside Reads: 5 Short & Queer Books Perfect For Your Beach Day! and Reading My Identity: Books With Non-Binary/Genderqueer And Bisexual Rep || Maddie @ Inking and Thinking30+ Books with Ace and Aro Representation || Alicia @ A Kernel of NonsenseBook Lists: Favorite Queer Books by Latinx Authors || Elli @ AceReaderNew LGBTQ+ books on my radar! ||

I adored reading A Mirror Mended and it was equally fun seeing awesome reviews about it by Becky @ Becky’s Book Blog and Tammy @ Books, Bones and BuffyLink1, Link2.

One Arm Shorter Than the Other was a desi speculative fiction book which I thought was fascinating and I loved reading very similar thoughts about it by Anjana @ Superfluous ReadingLink.

I’m very excited for the release of This Wicked Fate and Melissa @ Young Creative Press review of it has only increased my interest – Link.

Rebel Skies is one I’m trying to find but can’t anywhere, so in the meantime I have to satisfy myself with this lovely review of the book by Sifa Elizabeth @ Sifa Elizabeth ReadsLink.

Kriti @ Armed With a Book and Lauren have a wonderful discussion about one of my favorite books, A Palace of IllusionsLink.

I love how much Legends and Lattes is being adored by everyone and the new joiner in this club is Hamad @ The Book PrescriptionLink.

Petrik @ Novel Notions is continuing his journey through the Dandelion Dynasty and I absolutely adored his review of The Wall of Storms. He has a way with words which is memorable – Link.

And that’s all for my weekly update. How have you all been doing? What lovely books and blogs have you been reading and have you found any new favorites? Any new cdramas to checkout ? Do share all your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I’ve been reading a lot of romance audiobooks this month and it’s been a nice break from my usual fantasy novels. Boyfriend Material and One Last Stop easily became two of my favorites.

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    1. That’s awesome .. I’m glad you are enjoying your romance novel streak… I think I read a lot more a couple of years ago but gradually lost interest in contemporaries in general.. so I just pick up the occasional romance which captures my interest 😊


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