The Week Gone By – 7/25/22

Hello everyone…!!!! How are you all doing??? This past week has been slow for me and I feel like I haven’t done much – neither did I read a lot nor did I go out for a walk everyday. I can only hope I will do better from today. But the two I did read were done in single sittings and I was surprised at myself for doing so. Let me tell you all about how I felt about them.

I don’t really have favorite fairytales but if there’s one I can say I really enjoyed, it has to be Rapunzel. So when I saw that this book was to be a retelling of the story from the witch’s perspective, I was immediately intrigued. And I’m glad that it lived up to the expectations. It’s got complete fairytale vibes, but a bit on the darker side and it’s pretty fast paced, so I just wanted to keep going once I started. The descriptions are also very evocative and I could totally feel the mysterious and otherworldly nature of everything. Despite her longing for love and affection, I found that Haelewise is a very resolute character, who knows she has to do something even when she isn’t clear of the path, and will do whatever it takes to achieve the outcome. The way she handles every obstacle in her life is admirable and I really liked her character, even when I wasn’t sure what she was thinking or what she was gonna do next. On the whole, this was a very engaging and fun fairytale retelling which got dark at times, but was also equally powerful in telling the story of women who are usually forgotten in narratives.

This book was a purely vain addition to my tbr because have you seen the covers..??? Both the UK and US editions are stunning and there was no way I was gonna be able to resist reading it. The writing is definitely easy to get hooked on and I found the beginning with prophecies proclaiming upcoming doom and the main character trying to figure out what to do to prevent it very compelling to read. The world is also fascinating with Seers, faeries, faerie wood, witches, beasts and more. The other aspect I did like was how the author wove in themes like colonialism and expansionism, the false justification for wars, how common people are manipulated into supporting such bloodshed – and the author does all this quite well, seamlessly as part of the story, without feeling like additional commentary. Most of my love for this book is because of Violet. She is clever, icy, prickly and knows exactly what she is doing and doesn’t regret it for the most part (or atleast doesn’t give herself the chance to feel any regrets). She knows how to play the game at court and values the position she has earned, and to hell with anyone who thinks she is being cowardly or selfish. Overall, this was an enjoyable book but maybe not wholly satisfactory. I guess I just had too many expectations.

I still haven’t finished watching A Dream of Splendor. 3 more episodes to go and while I love it overall, I can definitely say the last few episodes have not been upto the same standard.

Immortal Samsara is probably my first time watching an out and out xianxia drama and wow does it have so much new terminology for me to learn. I only managed to see one episode for now and let’s see how it’ll go next week.

I have finally managed to convince my husband to watch Nirvana in Fire and it’s progressing slowly but I think he is liking it, and I’m just excited that I get to watch it again.

New Covers

Most of these aren’t actually on my TBR but I am definitely gonna read Untethered Sky because Fonda Lee…. and Isha Unscripted by Sajni Patel also sounds interesting.


I have not been participating in any readathons this month but it’s Tropeical Readathon time next month and as it’s a favorite, I’m very excited to participate again. However, I have decided to change my loyalty from Team Fantasy to Team Nonfiction/Poetry for the first time and the above is my tentative tbr. Let’s see how my plan works out.

Posts from around the Blogverse

I’ll start with some of my favorite reviews of the week of the two books I managed to read.

First, I have two absolutely lovely reviews of Violet Made of Thorns by Raji @ Worlds Unlike Our Own and Julie @ One Book More. I’m frankly so jealous that I couldn’t write such articulate and beautiful thoughts in my review.

Next comes reviews for The Book of Gothel which I really enjoyed and I adored these reviews by Sifa @ Sifa Elizabeth Reads, Witty and Sarcastic Book Club, and Leah @ Functionally Fictional.

Babel by R. F. Kuang is the hot topic these days and while I’m feeling quite intimidated to pick it back up, I can totally see why there are so many gushing reviews of it like these… Cristina @ A Reader Among the Stars, and Eliza @ Leviathan Libraries.

Lori @ The Reading Fairy has an amazing list of Standalone Queer Books and I loved seeing quite a few of my favorites on it as well as a few to add to my TBR.

I’m very very excited to read the sequel of The Jasmine Throne, The Oleander Sword and it was nice to know that the sequel lives upto our expectations by checking out this lovely review by Etta @ Chonky Books.

Her Majesty’s Royal Coven is a book I eventually wanna get to, so in the meantime, I liked reading this detailed and amazing review by Becky @ Becky’s Book Blog.

And finally I’m ending this post with the trilogy reviews of Captive Prince by the lovely Jordyn @ Birdie’s Book Nook. It’s an all time favorite trilogy of mine and I adored watching Jordyn newly discover these books and fall in love with them just like I did. These are her reviews… Captive Prince || Prince’s Gambit || King’s Rising.

And that’s all for my weekly update. How have you all been doing? What lovely books and blogs have you been reading and have you found any new favorites? Any new cdramas to checkout ? Do share all your thoughts in the comments below.

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