Netgalley November / Scifi Month / Nonfiction November – So much to read this month

I’ve had many slumpy reading months this year after having a very strong start, but now I’m hoping that I’ll have a strong end too. Which means trying to read as many books as I can in these last two months of 2022 and have as much as I can with them.

I kinda tend to gravitate towards Nonfiction towards the holiday season always but I never participate in the Nonfiction November event that happens every year across the blogosphere. But I want to change it up a bit this year and maybe even write some posts based on some prompts by the hosts as mentioned here by Christopher @ Plucked From the Stacks.

I am also always trying to get through as many ARCs as I can because I never seem to run out of them, so let’s hope I will manage a good number this month too. But if you want to have some fun with your arcs, do checkout Netgalley November here.

And finally, Scifi Month is celebrating it’s 10th iteration this year and while I don’t always read too many science fiction books, maybe I can manage a few this year. You can find all the details about this year’s Scifi Month and the giveaways here.

Now let’s see how many books I wanna read and if I can even dream of reading all of them in a month…

Sci-Fi Month TBR

Netgalley November

Nonfiction November

There’s some overlap between my Netgalley and Scifi month TBR but otherwise, this whole list of books is very very ambitious. I don’t know how many I will manage to finish but do wish me luck…


6 thoughts on “Netgalley November / Scifi Month / Nonfiction November – So much to read this month

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  1. There’s another November book event called Nonfiction November?! Oh my goodness I thought I had found them all…there are so many this month. You mentioned SciFi Month & NetGalley November, but there’s also Norsevember, too, organized by @blogspells (Twitter). Too much alliterates with “N” apparently, lol!!

    I haven’t heard of any of those nonfiction books you listed, but judging by what I can see on the book covers, THEY KNEW and LADY JUSTICE look right up my alley. Have a great reading month, and good luck!!

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    1. I’ve known of Nonfiction November for a couple of years now but it’s the first time I’m trying to commit to it.. Norsevember is something I got to know by looking at your blog post…

      I’m definitely very interested to read They Knew and Lady Justice, as well as The Persuaders.. but I feel like my interest in them might either increase or completely go away based on what happens in the election.. it won’t be easy to read them if the dems lose …

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