December Mini Reviews: Political Affairs

In the early months of Trump's candidacy, the Republican Party's most important figures, people such as Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Lindsey Graham, were united--and loud--in their scorn and contempt. Even more, in their outrage: Trump was a menace and an affront to our democracy. Then, awkwardly, Trump won.Thank You for Your Servitude is Mark Leibovich's... Continue Reading →

Favorite Non Fiction Books of 2022

It's Monday again and I'm back with my second favorites post of the year - this time for the Nonfiction books I've read this year. One of my reading goals for 2022 was that a quarter of my reading for the year should be nonfiction. And while I haven't finished updating my spreadsheet, I think... Continue Reading →

Book Review: They Knew by Sarah Kendzior

Conspiracy theories are on the rise because officials refuse to enforce accountability for real conspiracies. Uncritical faith in broken institutions is as dangerous as false narratives peddled by propagandists.The truth may hurt—but the lies will kill us.They Knew discusses conspiracy culture in a rapidly declining United States struggling with corruption, climate change, and other crises. As... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Lady Justice by Dahlia Lithwick

Dahlia Lithwick, Slate Senior Editor and one of the nation's foremost legal commentators, tells the gripping and heroic story of the women lawyers who fought the racism, sexism, and xenophobia of Donald Trump's presidency--and won.After the sudden shock of Donald Trump's victory over Hilary Clinton in 2016, many Americans felt lost and uncertain. It was clear he... Continue Reading →

ARC/Audiobook Review: The Genesis of Misery by Neon Yang

An immersive, electrifying space-fantasy from Neon Yang, author of The Black Tides of Heaven, full of high-tech space battles and political machinations, starring a queer and diverse array of pilots, princesses, and prophetic heirs.This is the story of Misery Nomaki (she/they) – a nobody from a nowhere mining planet who possesses the rare stone-working powers... Continue Reading →

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