The Week Gone By – 8/22/22

I missed a week in between (again) but what can I do. I guess I just wasn’t too motivated to write up something despite reading a lot. This past week, I ended up reading less but I’ve also been feeling good and excited, so couldn’t help but share some of it with you all.

After Half a Soul, this was an equally fun and wonderful follow up. I think it’s the ability of the author to comment on important social issues but still keep the whimsy and fun intact in the story is what has impressed me the most. With the author’s smart but funny writing, we get to see the plight of the people who work in such households and have no status, how their invisibility is considered their best quality, any wrongs done unto them have no consequences for the perpetrators but they are really powerless to do much about it. And that’s how we meet Effie who is a maid and just hopes that she will get her own Prince Charming and not to have work her ass off and be invisible anymore. She is helped in her endeavors by the surprising Lord Blackthorn, a very un-Fae like Fae, and the development of their dynamic is the most wonderful part of this story. They are equally supported by an eclectic cast of characters, and I’m so glad I got to meet them all. Can’t wait to read the final book of this trilogy, Longshadow, soon.

I have loved all of the Lady Janies books and the first of the Mary’s too, so it was never in doubt that I will read this one, and hopefully listen to the audiobook. And I’m glad I waited till I got the audio because this was a delight and probably my favorite of all these books. The writing is as fun as I expected, the audiobook narration is hilarious and top notch, and all the fourth wall breaking literally had me in splits. But through all the magic, possible necromancy, automatons, poetry and more, we also get to think about women of that age who must have been passionate about their pursuits but couldn’t do much about it because they were confined by their societal roles. And through one very surprising POV, we also get to ponder upon what makes one human, and what’s the difference between a human and a monster – and this theme is really prescient considering that Mary Shelley hasn’t written Frankenstein in this world yet. I think this is probably the best one out of all these books till date, but I’m also ready to be surprised by the next one, which apparently is titled My Salty Mary (it said so at the back of my copy of this book) and now I’ll be wondering who this salty Mary is about. Any guesses friends???

I haven’t read anything related to trans history before and don’t know much about the topic, so this was both an interesting and eye opening read for me. The author discusses a new kind of methodology to look at the various kinds of gender expression in the past, when there was no language to describe these experiences, and how reading of these experiences through a more inclusive lens can lead to an expansive view of history. I also appreciated how the author talked about the intersection between trans history, intersex history, gender nonconformity and colonialism. Overall, this was both an academic text but also easily readable for a casual reader. However, this also feels more like an introductory book and I think anyone would definitely benefit from reading the various other texts the author refers to within these pages. The audiobook is also well narrated by the author, keeping me engaged throughout.

I still don’t know how Indian Matchmaking can be so binge watch worthy when I can never say that I actually like it. I can say I’m in invested in the lives of the participants, and hope they find their right partners, but the fact that there’s more face reading and astrology and stuff in Season 2 only makes me sad. But I guess we all still can’t stop watching it, if only to make memes out of Seema aunty.

This was a rewatch for me, but apparently my husband has decided he wants to wade into the world that is cdramaland, so I have to keep him company. Let’s see what cdrama I can make him watch next.

New Covers

These past couple of weeks have had cover reveals of many of my most anticipated releases of 2023 (mostly) and I’m so in love with all of them.

Readathons Update

I’m just so excited that I finished all my common challenges for Tropeical Readathon by week 3 itself. Just my team book to read, and this will probably be the first time I’ll finish all the challenges.

Posts from around the Blogverse

I read Portrait of a Thief this month and really loved it, so it was nice to see Paige @ Just One More Paige also have similar thoughts about it – Link.

I’m really really awaiting my audiobook of The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches to drop tomorrow, and in the meantime loving these heartfelt reviews about the book by Queenie @ The Erudite Labyrinth and Gauri @ A Book and ChaiLink1, Link2.

I’ve been unable to forget A Strange and Stubborn Endurance even weeks after reading it, so I’m glad to see more readers like Danfitzwrites @ Before We Go BlogLink.

It’s been a long while since I’ve read The Red Palace and I haven’t heard much about it recently, but it’s nice to see readers still discovering it, like Umairah @ Sereadipity Link.

I still haven’t been able to get to The Final Strife but every time I read gushing reviews about it, like this one by Sifa Elizabeth Reads, I wanna cry at my never ending TBR – Link.

Babel is all the rage these days and I know I could have finished it by now, but I have this strong urge to wait for my Illumicrate special edition to arrive and annotate the hell out of it. So, till then, I have to satisfy myself with spectacularly written reviews of it like these by Chris @ Biblio Nerd Reflections and Merline @ Merline ReadsLink1, Link2.

The Hindi version of Tomb of SandRet Samadhi – is on my TBR because of the English version’s Booker win, so it’s always interesting to see reviews of it across the blogsphere, and this one by Carl @ The Pine-Scented Chronicles was a joy to read – Link.

And that’s all for my weekly update. How have you all been doing? What lovely books and blogs have you been reading and have you found any new favorites? Any new dramas to checkout ? Do share all your thoughts in the comments below.


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    1. I’ve never annotated before either, so but I read part of my Babel eARC and had so many highlights. So I guess I just wanna do it on my hardcover copy. Only thing making me rethink is that does anybody annotate special edition copies.. but then I feel why not 😂😂😂

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        1. I’ve been trying out annotations for the first time on another nonfiction book and while it makes my reading slow, I feel like I’m reflecting on the sentences and author’s intent more. I feel like it’ll be much more intense in Babel… so I’m definitely excited… but it’ll probably take a few more weeks for my copy to arrive, so I’ll just wait with bated breath 😂😂😂

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