The Week Gone By – 09/12/22

I was absent with an update last Monday because I had a pretty slow first week of the month, but looks like my mood improved slowly and I managed to read a bit during this past week. So here I am to share with you all my reading and watch updates.

I’ve been eager to get to this sequel since the moment I finished reading A Magic Steeped in Poison, with that very fascinating and twisty ending. As my luck would have it, I read the first book weeks before it’s release because I managed to get an arc but couldn’t this time, so I had to wait for the release eagerly. I decided to try out the audiobook and I’m glad of my choice now. I had already loved the first book but I have to say, this sequel is even better in almost every aspect. The pacing was pretty quick here because of the high stakes and it felt like everything was happening very fast – while I loved it for the most part, the ending did feel a tad bit too rushed, but satisfactory nonetheless. Full of beautiful descriptions, high stakes adventure, fascinating tea magic system, and a well developed mythology, this book is a thrilling ride and I fell in love more with the main characters. I can’t wait to see what the author writes next. Look for my full review coming this week on the blog.

The world building in this one was super cool. It’s been a while since I enjoyed such detailed world building in a YA fantasy and I really appreciated the author for it. The mythology surrounding Sol and his creations; the dioses, semidioses, and their powers; the hierarchy within the realm based on the characteristics of the dioses and how it affects the perceptions about them; how the Sunbearer trials happen and the display of all kinds of cool powers during them, being televised like reality tv (very reminiscent of Hunger Games), but also with the stakes being so high and how it affects the temperament of the participants; and the world itself being a mix of ancient and modern – it all made for a lot of fun reading and I was swept along the journey. If you are looking for a fast paced fantasy version of the Hunger Games with gods and magic and slightly less ruthless characters, then you can’t go wrong with this one. I also had fun going back and forth between the physical copy and the beautifully narrated audiobook by André Santana. You can checkout my full review here.

I didn’t have many expectations from the book, so it was pleasantly surprising to see the author give an explanation for the way the book is structured and follow through in a very methodical way. It might simplistic on first glance – three stages of ignorance, namely, Ridicule, Acceptance, and Celebration. But once the book gets going with each of these sections, it’s easy to see these historical events and rise of the ignorant politician as a natural progression. While I am much more familiar with the Celebration section of the book because I have been living in the Trump era of American politics, I learnt a lot about the rise of Ronald Reagan and the Bushes, and the failures of Don Quayle and maybe Sarah Palin but how those failures have led to where we are today. Overall, the book was written in a very humorous way and that’s definitely necessary because the content can be very bleak. You can expect a full review for this book on the blog this week as well.

Like many LOTR fans, I have been quite excited to watch The Rings of Power. I also didn’t have many expectations because I haven’t read any of the books other than the original trilogy, so I’m definitely enjoying the visuals as well as the story for now.

I just watched Brahmastra in an XD screen on 3D this weekend because how could I not, for one of my most anticipated releases of the year. While it does have it’s flaws, it gave me a very satisfying spectacle and I love getting a home grown fantasy franchise that’s based on the mythology I’ve grown up with. I know the wait for part two will probably be tooooooo long but I’m ready to wait. I want this to be a success so that we get more such fantasy stories from all Indian movie industries.

Xianxia is not always my thing and I don’t think I’ve finished any drama in the genre except my first love The Untamed, but that’s also more wuxia/ cultivation and less of the fantasy. So, while I knew about the hype about Love Between Fairy and Devil, I didn’t plan on watching it. But I’ve seen some raving reviews since it finished airing, and some by other xianxia skeptics like me, and they all say it’s great. Now that I’m craving a new cdrama after finishing Love like the Galaxy, I guess this is it. I’ve only seen three episodes but it looks nice for now and I’ll most probably continue it, if only my husband would give me the tv remote.

New Covers

These are some very very gorgeous covers, but as you might have guessed, I’m most excited for Aliette’s The Red Scholar’s Wake and Kritika’s The Surviving Sky.

Posts from around the Blogverse

I have some lovely reviews to share from so many brilliant bloggers, so let me proceed to link to their blogs without any more meandering.

Babel continues to get rave reviews, so here I am sharing two more of them, by Ri @ Colour Me Read and Jeann @ Happy IndulgenceLink1, Link2.

Another book which has some amazing reviews and which I’m hoping will be my next read is A Taste of Gold and Iron. I loved these awesome reviews by Azucchi by The Book Nook and Kit @ Metaphors and MoonlightLink1, Link2.

I recently got an audiobook of The Fortunes of Jaded Women, so it was nice to read a beautiful review of it by the wonderful Cosette @ Tea Time LitLink.

The Oleander Sword is one of the top books on my TBR, so it’s always exciting to read more raving reviews of it, like this one by Witty and Sarcastic Book ClubLink.

I like reading more readers discover books I have loved, so this review of Iron Widow by Mehek @ The Critiques of a Fangirl made me very happy – Link.

I really enjoyed discovering the debut Within these Wicked Walls last year, so I’m glad Kerri @ Kerri McBookNerd felt the same about it – Link.

As you can see above and on my blog last week that I had fun reading The Sunbearer Trials, I similarly loved reading my dear friend Gauri @ A Book and Chai‘s super fun review of it – Link.

Peach Blossom Spring is another of those audiobooks which I got long ago but never got around to, so it’s always good to read a beautiful review of it like this one by Anjana @ Superfluous Reading to remind me that it’s still on my TBR somewhere – Link.

And that’s all for my weekly update. How have you all been doing? What lovely books and blogs have you been reading and have you found any new favorites? Any new dramas to checkout ? Do share all your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. Ppl have lots of complaints about it but my expectations were low, so it’s been interesting and fun.. hope you like it too… though I don’t know how much you know the lore, in which case it might not live up to your standards..

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        1. Haha 😂 I’ve watched the movies many times but I don’t remember the book trilogy much and this story really has nothing much to do with it except some familiar names… I hope you do enjoy it though…


    1. Both the Book of Tea duology and Sunbearer trials are pretty cool and both the first books even have a competition… so I hope you enjoy whichever one you pick 😊😊


  1. Thanks for the mention! I had an audio ARC that I let get archived prior to download, otherwise I might have enjoyed that version more, given the storyline! I hope you have a good time with it.

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  2. Thank you for featuring my review of A Taste of Gold and Iron! I look forward to seeing your thoughts once you’ve read it!

    I’m also very excited about The Red Scholar’s Wake and The Surviving Sky!

    Liked by 1 person

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